Why Choose Laminate Flooring

Why Choose Laminate FlooringThere is a variety of flooring options for just about every room in the house, whether it's a kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room or otherwise. While you may be dreaming of natural stone tile or hardwood floors, your budget may be thinking otherwise. Luckily there is another option that still provides those great looks at a fraction of the cost. Laminate flooring is no longer a 1980s relic, today's manufacturers create wonderfully looking flooring that can hardly be distinguished from the real thing. Here's a bit more on that and a few other reasons why laminate may be the right floor for your home improvement project.

Variety of beautiful looks

As mentioned current laminate floor manufacturers are putting out realistic looking wood flooring without the wood flooring cost. Laminate can also be given the appearance of worn slate tiles or polished marble, ensuring a one of a kind appearance.

Shape & pattern

Laminate is produced in planks or strips and it can be laid in a variety of patterns, giving it an even more unique appearance.


While it isn't the toughest flooring option available laminate can take a punch. Many manufacturers also produce laminate strong enough for bathrooms, but you shouldn't leave puddles as the water could soak into the seams, causing damage.

Easy to clean

Laminate is extremely easy to clean. It simply needs to be vacuumed or swept on a regular basis, aside from any outstanding circumstances such as mud, which can simply be wiped up with basic household cleaners.


One of the most important aspects of laminate is that it is extremely affordable. It provides a great looking, durable flooring, at a fraction of the cost of what other materials do to obtain the same characteristics.

Laminate flooring could be the flooring for you! To learn about installing laminate flooring in Raleigh or the surrounding area get in touch with Carolina Flooring. We sell a variety of flooring, including laminate, carpet and wood. Give us a cal at (919) 848-9232 to learn more about our inventory of flooring for sale in Raleigh.

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