Top Benefits of Wood Floors in the Living Room

Top Benefits of Wood Floors in the Living RoomIf you are planning on re-flooring your living room or family room you have probably come to the conclusion that you have many different options for flooring materials. Two popular options in the United States are carpet and wood flooring. While carpet is a great material for many reasons all its own, this article lays out four reasons why wood may be the right option for your home. Should you have additional questions about using wood flooring in your living room, or any room for that matter, don't hesitate to reach out to your local wood flooring dealer.

Easy to Maintain

One of the things that is most often talked about when comparing flooring types is how easy it is to care for hardwood floors. They are much more resistant to stains when tested next to carpet. If wood flooring is damaged the area can usually be sanded, smoothed and stained to match the existing floor without having to replace the material.

Healthy Flooring

Wood flooring doesn't hide harmful matter, such as allergens, making it a great choice for people who suffer from allergies.

Longstanding Look

Current styles of carpet, laminate, vinyl and other flooring are likely go in and out of style as the years roll on. Hardwood, on the other hand, has lasted the test of time. It provides a level of elegance that other types of flooring simply can't match. There are so many varieties of wood flooring sourced from trees all over the world, meaning no two floors are going to be exactly the same based on the way the grain is laid.

Sustainable Resource

As a sustainable resource, wood heads the list of flooring materials. While the trees it originally comes from can be reforested, many floors already come from old buildings, meaning the floors are seeing a second or even third life. Bamboo floors are great, as bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants that produces a material sturdy enough for flooring.

Wood flooring is great in many different rooms but it can certainly be a focal point for living rooms. If you are interested in wood flooring in Raleigh or the surrounding areas be sure to visit Carolina Flooring. We offer a number of different flooring options for every room of the house! Give us a call at (919) 848-9232 or stop by our flooring showroom in Raleigh to speak with one of our amazing team members.

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