How to Choose Flooring

How to Choose FlooringFar too often the flooring in our homes is taken for granted. But the floor is there when we are hosting a birthday dinner in the dining room, baking cookies in the kitchen or laying on the living room floor as the family gathers for the annual holiday movies. Choosing the right flooring is important, as you will need flooring that is durable, yet comfortable, for all rooms in your house for all occasions. The flooring you select is the foundation of any space, as it will take up the most usable surface area in any room. When selecting new flooring it is important to consider a few different things. Use this guide to help you select the right flooring, whether that is hardwood, carpet, vinyl or otherwise, for any room in your home.

Personal Style

Understanding your personal style will help you select a flooring that is going to match your existing decor and your tastes. While your style will vary depending on the room at hand, it's still up to you to choose something you like. Do you enjoy soft carpet in the den, or is a rich hardwood more to your liking? Is laminate flooring in the kitchen going to do the trick, or is natural stone tile more up your alley? Think about colors, patterns and design as you select flooring.


How you use each room is going to play a factor into the flooring selection you make. Certain types of flooring have benefits that others don't and vice versa. For example, hard tile in the kitchen can be extremely elegant, but if you spend a lot of time baking and cooking, a laminate with a cushion under it may be much more comfortable. Whereas tile in the bathroom is going to stand up to the puddles left by the kids much better than hardwood. The floors you select need to stand up to everything you throw at them!


Of course it is important to understand and stick to your budget. Sometimes it is nice to aim low and then when you find you have excess money available for your flooring choices you can bump up to the next level. It is smart to work with a flooring store to calculate the total cost of any particular flooring for a room, as they can include the delivery, installation, underlayment and removal and disposal of old flooring into the final bill. They may also need to factor in hardware, stains and other materials.

When it comes to picking flooring the most important thing is to get something you love. At Carolina Flooring we can help you choose the perfect new flooring in Raleigh for any room in your home! Our team of flooring experts will work with you to find the floor that perfectly meets your needs. Give us a call at (919) 848-9232 to learn more or stop by our Raleigh flooring store today.

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Written By Brian Corey

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