4 Great Reasons to Install Hardwood Floors

Whether for new construction or a remodel, hardwood flooring will give you a look that is elegant, while also keeping maintenance tasks to a minimum. And though hardwood flooring does generally cost more to install than carpet, many prefer it as an investment because it holds its value and will have great appeal to prospective buyers when it comes time to sell. In the meantime, you'll enjoy its rich and welcoming appearance that will truly lighten up your living space. In short, hardwood flooring offers a supreme blend of aesthetic and functional perks. Here's a look at four benefits of installing hardwood flooring.


Hardwood flooring is tough and long-lasting. With a little basic maintenance, you can plan on it looking beautiful for years and years to come. And while some little scuff marks are inevitable, by occasionally refinishing your hardwood floors you'll be able to remedy those blemishes. And it's important to bear in mind that, unlike carpet, you won't have to spend your time vacuuming or shampooing. Also, dirt won't adhere to hardwood, in turn making messes brought into the house easy to clean up. Typically, all you'll need for clean-up is a dust mop or broom.

Variety of Options

Every hardwood floor has a unique appearance because of differences in wood patterns. There are dozens of different gradations and you'll be able to find the look that is perfect for your home. Wood types range from walnut to mahogany to various cherries, with numerous other beautiful options available.

Aesthetic Appeal

The tones of hardwood flooring vary from dark to light, with a broad range in between. The flooring will give your home a look that is warm, rustic, and full of charm.

Boost Home Value

For the reasons noted above, hardwoods are very appealing to many prospective home buyers. Typically, homes that feature hardwood flooring are sold much more quickly. The all-important real estate photos will also be more striking when hardwoods are in the shot.

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Written By Brian Corey

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